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ACTIVATEDPLUGINS -- list of currently activated plugins

ALLVARIABLES -- list of currently defined TWikiVariables

AUTHREALM -- authentication realm

DASHBOARD -- build a dashboard with banner and boxes

EDITACTION -- select an edit template

  • EDITACTION defined in a topic or preference setting will define the use of an editaction template instead of the standard edit. If EDITACTION is defined as text, then hide the form. If EDITACTION is defined as form hide the normal text area and only edit the form.
  • Syntax: %EDITACTION% (returning either text or form)
  • Expands to: %EDITACTION%
  • Note: When EDITACTION is defined as text or form the Edit and Edit Raw buttons simply add ;action=text or ;action=form to the URL for the edit script. If you have defined EDITACTION in a topic setting or preference setting you can still edit the topic content or the form by removing the ;action=form or ;action=text from the edit URL in the browser and reload.
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, EditingAndContentUpdateVariables, SkinsAndTemplatesVariables
  • Related: TWikiScripts#edit (this topic)

FAILEDPLUGINS -- debugging for plugins that failed to load, and handler list

GEOLOOKUP -- lookup geo location by IP address or domain name

LANGUAGE -- current user's language

  • Returns the language code for the language used as the current user. This is the language actually used by TWiki Internationalization (e.g. in user interface).
  • The language is detected from the user's browser, unless some site/web/user/session-defined setting overrides it:
    • If the LANGUAGE preference is set, it's used as user's language instead of any language detected from the browser.
    • Avoid defining LANGUAGE at a non per-user way, so each user can choose his/her preferred language.
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, SystemInformationVariables
  • Related: LANGUAGES (this topic)

LANGUAGES -- list available TWiki languages

  • List the languages available (as PO files) to TWiki. Those are the languages in which TWiki's user interface is available.
  • Syntax: %LANGUAGES{...}%
  • Supported parameters:
    Parameter: Description: Default:
    format format for each item. See below for variables available in the format string. "   * $langname"
    separator separator between items. "\n" (newline)
    marker="selected" Text for $marker if the item matches selection "selected"
    selection="%LANGUAGE%" Current language to be selected in list (none)
  • format variables:
    Variable Meaning
    $langname language's name, as informed by the translators
    $langtag language's tag. Ex: en, pt-br, etc.
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, SystemInformationVariables
  • Example: <select>%LANGUAGES{format="<option $marker value='$langtag'>$langname</option>" selection="%LANGUAGE%"}%</select> creates an option list of the available languages with the current language selected (this topic)

LOCALSITEPREFS -- web.topicname of site preferences topic

MDREPO -- retrieve data from metadata repository

  • Attention: This variable works only if MetadataRepository is in use. Otherwise, it always returns a zero length string.
  • This retrieves data from the specified metadata repository table.
  • Syntax: %MDREPO{ "table" ...}% (generic form), %MDREPO{ web="..." ...}% (web specific form)
  • Parameters (generic form without web="..." parameter):
    Parameter Description Default
    "..." Specify the table to retrieve This or below is required
    table="..." (Alternative to above) This or above is required
    separator="..." The separator string of records "$n" (new line)
    format="..." Format of one record. It may contain the following items. In addtion, the standard special tokens are handled accordingly.
    Item Description
    $_ or $_() the record ID
    $__ or $__() The record value in the following format:
    $marker or $marker() Expands to marker for the item matching selection only
    $_FILED_NAME or $_FIELD_NAME() Please be noted that you need to put _ (underscore) in front of a field name. $_FIELD_NAME$ yields the value of the specified field. If the specified field does not exist in the record, it returns the null string ("").
    ?FIELD_NAME?IF_FIELD_HAS_VALUE? If the specified field has value and it's neither 0 nor the null string (""), it's evaluated as IF_FIELD_HAS_VALUE. Otherwise, it's evaluated as the null string. This is like q/.../ in Perl. A non-word character following ?FIELD_NAME becomes the terminator; i.e. you can write: ?FIELD_NAME:IF_TRUE:
    Specifically, the following characters can be used as the delimiter: ! # % ' / : ? @ ^ ` | ~
    = is excluded because it clashes with a parameter specification in a URL (?name=value).
    ?!FIELD_NAME?IF_FIELD_HAS_NO_VALUE? Similar to above but it's opposite. If the field has value, it's evaluated as the null string. Otherwise, it's evaluated as IF_FIELD_HAS_NO_VALUE.
    $question Replaced with ? after the ?FIEL_DNAME and ?!FIELD_ANME constructs are processed.
    "| $_ | $__ |"
    selection="..." The record ID to be regarded as the selected. It affects how $marker in the format is evaluated. none
    marker="..." Text for $marker in the format if the item matches selection "selected"
    filter="..." The regular expression of record IDs to filter records. Matching is case-insensitive none
    exclude="..." Comma separated list of record IDs to be excluded. You can use regular expression. If you specify Trash\d*, then Trash, Trash1, Trash2, ... are exluded but LightTrash and TrashBag are not excluded none
  • Example: %MDREPO{"webs" filter="^A" format="| $_ | $_admin | $_master |"}%
    This would show the metadata of webs whose names start with A.
  • Paramerers (web specific form):
    Parameter Description Default
    web="..." Specify the web. If it's a subweb, the corresponding top level web is specified This is required
    "..." Specify the format of the return value in the same manner as the format parameter in the generic form $__
    default="..." Specify the value to be returned when the specified or implied top level web does not exist in MDREPO "" (null string)
  • Example: %MDREPO{web="Foo/Bar" "$_admin"}%
    This would show the admin field of the Foo web.
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, SystemInformationVariables
  • Related: MetadataRepository (this topic)

PLUGINDESCRIPTIONS -- list of plugin descriptions

  • Expands to:
    • SpreadSheetPlugin (2015-06-07, $Rev: 29303 (2015-06-07) $): Add spreadsheet calculation like "$SUM( $ABOVE() )" to TWiki tables or anywhere in topic text
    • AccessStatsPlugin (2011-05-03, $Rev: 21144 (2011-05-03) $): Show hit count for topics and attachments by parsing Apache access log files
    • ApprovalPlugin (1.0, $Rev: 3923 (2009-05-16) $): Defines a set of states for one more or topics, with each state requiring approval by one or more users.
    • ApprovalTablePlugin (0.01, $Rev: 00001 (2012-03-01) $): Displays the defined states of an ApprovalDefinition of the ApprovalPlugin in a table and simulates different state phases
    • AutocompletePlugin (2015-05-29, $Rev: 29252 (2015-05-29) $): Autocomplete input field, for use in TWiki forms and TWiki applications
    • BackupRestorePlugin (2015-01-09, $Rev: 28635 (2015-01-09) $): Administrator utility to backup, restore and upgrade a TWiki site
    • BibliographyPlugin (2011-03-09, $Rev: 20645 (2011-03-09) $): Cite bibliography in one topic and get an automatically created references list
    • BlackListPlugin (2013-03-22, $Rev: 25492 (2013-03-22) $): Utility to keep malicious users away from a public TWiki site
    • CalendarPlugin (2012-12-03, $Rev: 24315 (2012-12-04) $): Show a monthly calendar with highlighted events
    • ChartPlugin (2013-05-23, $Rev: 25974 (2013-05-23) $): Visualize TWiki tables with area charts, bar charts, line graphs, scatter charts and sparklines
    • ChecklistPlugin (Cairo, Dakar, Edinburgh, ..., $Rev: 19338 (2010-08-30) $): Create simple checklists.
    • ChecklistTablePlugin (v1.005, $Rev: 16244 (2010-08-19) $): Create a checklist table
    • ColorPickerPlugin (2015-01-10, $Rev: 28645 (2015-01-11) $): Color picker, packaged for use in TWiki forms and TWiki applications
    • CommentPlugin (2015-01-10, $Rev: 28647 (2015-01-11) $): Quickly post comments to a page without an edit/preview/save cycle
    • CompareRevisionsAddonPlugin (2010-11-12, $Rev: 9660 (2010-10-21) $): Compares two revisions of a document.
    • ContributorsPlugin (2011-06-04, $Rev: 21381 (2011-06-04) $): Show contributors of all revisions of a given topic; useful for licenses that require attribution
    • ControlsPlugin (2011-05-03, $Rev: 21153 (2011-05-03) $): Render HTML form controls based on values defined in TWiki Forms topics
    • CopyTopicTreePlugin (2015-06-09, $Rev: 29331 (2015-06-10) $): Copy a topic tree recursively to a new tree
    • CopyrightPlugin (2011-03-05, $Rev: 20611 (2011-03-06) $): List copyright information based on topic authors
    • DatePickerPlugin (2015-01-10, $Rev: 28649 (2015-01-11) $): Pop-up calendar with date picker, for use in TWiki forms, HTML forms and TWiki plugins
    • DateTimePlugin (2013-04-22, $Rev: 29215 (2015-05-18) $): Display date and time with formatting options and localized dates
    • DirectedGraphPlugin (2013-07-24, $Rev: 26441 (2014-07-01) $): Draw graphs using the GraphViz utility
    • DirectedGraphWebMapPlugin (2011-06-04, $Rev: 21372 (2011-06-04) $): Draw a directed map of a web, part of a web, or of the structure around a single topic
    • DiskUsagePlugin (2010-10-30, 1.020): Show the disk usage for the current web
    • DpSyntaxHighlighterPlugin (2011-01-17, $Rev: 20264 (2011-01-17) $): Client side syntax highlighting using the dp.SyntaxHighlighter
    • EasyTimelinePlugin (1.3, $Rev: 21270 (2011-05-14) $): Generate graphical timeline diagrams from markup text
    • EcoTrashPlugin (2014-01-31, $Rev: 26993 (2014-02-04) $): Trash manager to restore or permanently delete topics and attachments (manually and automated)
    • EditTablePlugin (2015-01-10, $Rev: 28651 (2015-01-11) $): Edit TWiki tables using edit fields, date pickers and drop down boxes
    • EmbedFlashPlugin (2011-01-11, $Rev: 20177 (2011-01-11) $): Embed Adobe Flash files in TWiki topics
    • EmbedPDFPlugin (2011-05-10, $Rev: 21206 (2011-05-11) $): Embed PDF documents in TWiki pages
    • EmbedTopicPlugin (2010-12-12, $Rev: 19963 (2010-12-12) $): View & edit embedded topics combined into one page
    • EmptyPlugin (2015-01-10, $Rev: 28653 (2015-01-11) $): Empty Plugin used as a template for new Plugins
    • ExcelImportExportPlugin (2015-05-29, $Rev: 29250 (2015-05-29) $): Renders an attached Excel spreadsheet as TWiki table
    • ExifMetaDataPlugin (2011-07-15, $Rev: 21757 (2011-07-15) $): Display EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data for JPEG images attached to a topic
    • FindElsewherePlugin ($Rev: 21525 (2011-06-16) $, 2011-06-16): Automatically link to topic in other web(s) if it isn't found in the current web
    • FlexWebListPlugin (2010-07-25, $Rev: 19261 (2010-07-26) $): Flexible way to display hierarchical weblists
    • FlowchartPlugin (2012-12-02, $Rev: 24291 (2012-12-02) $): Create a flowchart from topic text
    • FormPlugin (2015-02-25, $Rev: 28764 (2015-02-25) $): Create simple and advanced web forms using TWiki forms
    • GaugePlugin (2013-05-16, $Rev: 25944 (2013-05-16) $): Create gauges (graphical or not), typically used for dashboards
    • GeoLookupPlugin (2015-01-09, $Rev: 28639 (2015-01-09) $): Lookup geolocation by IP address or domain name
    • GetAWebPlugin (2011-01-20, $Rev: 20278 (2011-01-20) $): Create a tar-ed copy of a whole Web for backup or offline reading
    • GlobalReplacePlugin (2012-09-08, $Rev: 23288 (2012-09-08) $): Global search and replace functionality across all topics in a web
    • GluePlugin (2.1, $Rev: 18553 (2010-04-30) $): Enable markup to span multiple lines
    • GnuPlotPlugin (2011-03-12, $Rev: 20701 (2011-03-13) $): Allows users to plot data and functions using GnuPlot
    • HeadlinesPlugin (2015-01-10, $Rev: 28655 (2015-01-11) $): Show headline news in TWiki pages based on RSS and ATOM news feeds from external sites
    • HistoryPlugin (1.4, $Rev: 19845 (2010-11-12) $): Shows a complete history of a document
    • HolidaylistPlugin ($Rev: 19336 (2010-08-23) $): Create a table with a list of people on holidays
    • IfDefinedPlugin (v1.1, $Rev: 18548 (2010-04-29) $): Render content conditionally
    • ImageGalleryPlugin (2011-07-21i - v3.74, $Rev: 21797 (2011-07-21) $): Show image gallery with auto-generated thumbnails from attachments
    • InterwikiPlugin (2015-02-02, $Rev: 28696 (2015-02-02) $): Write ExternalSite:Page to link to a page on an external site based on aliases defined in a rules topic
    • IpPlugin (IpPlugin 1.0, $Rev: 23449 (2012-10-02) $): IP Address functions
    • JQueryPlugin (2015-01-10, $Rev: 28659 (2015-01-11) $): jQuery JavaScript library for TWiki
    • JqPlotPlugin (2013-03-04 jquery.jqplot.1.0.7r1224, $Rev: 25369 (2013-03-06) $): Add line, bar and pie charts to TWiki topics using jqPlot JavaScript library
    • LaTeXToMathMLPlugin (2011-03-17, $Rev: 20767 (2011-03-17) $): Display LaTeX-like equations in-line using MathML
    • MessageSequenceChartPlugin (2012-02-09, $Rev: 22613 (2012-02-13) $): Draw message sequence charts (MSCs) using the mscgen utility
    • MetaWorkflowPlugin (2011-01-17, $Rev: 20252 (2011-01-17) $): Defines a workflow based on updated meta data (such as form fields, or meta data from another plugin)
    • OrphansPlugin (4.3, $Rev: 18561 (2010-04-30) $): Locate and manage orphaned topics
    • PageStatsPlugin (2011-02-01, $Rev: 21734 (2011-07-13) $): Display page view and save statistics of a specific page
    • PreferencesPlugin (2015-01-14, $Rev: 28662 (2015-01-14) $): Allows editing of preferences using fields predefined in a form
    • ProjectPlannerPlugin (2010-11-10, 2.051): Project planning and reports
    • QRCodePlugin (2012-11-14, $Rev: 24045 (2012-11-15) $): Create QR Code (a matrix barcode) in TWiki pages, useful for mobile applications
    • RackPlannerPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 15566 (2010-08-19) $): Render a rack overview (e.g. of 19'' computer racks) with HTML tables
    • RecentVisitorPlugin (2012-12-22, $Rev: 24176 (2012-11-22) $): Show recent visitors to a TWiki site
    • RedDotPlugin (2010-07-27, $Rev: 21402 (2011-06-04) $): Renders edit-links as little red dots
    • RedirectPlugin (2012-12-01, $Rev: 27583 (2014-05-31) $): Create a redirect to another topic or website
    • RenderListPlugin (2015-01-14, $Rev: 28665 (2015-01-14) $): Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
    • RenderPlugin (3.0, $Rev: 19370 (2010-08-25) $): Render TWikiApplications asynchronously
    • RenderTableDataPlugin (2010-07-25, $Rev: 19252 (2010-07-25) $): Separate data storage from display: render table data in any different way
    • RevCommentPlugin (2010-11-10, $Rev: 19821 (2010-11-10) $): Allows a short summary of changes to be entered for each revision
    • RevisionLinkPlugin (2.2, $Rev: 19837 (2010-11-10) $): Enable linking to specific topic revisions
    • SearchSummaryPlugin (0.01, $Rev: 18589 (2010-05-04) $): Change the way search summaries are displayed
    • SecurityPlugin (2010-12-30, $Rev: 20061 (2010-12-30) $): Shows if authentication required to view the current page or not
    • SetGetPlugin (2015-04-09, $Rev: 29040 (2015-04-09) $): Set and get variables and JSON objects in topics, optionally persistently across topic views
    • ShowAccessPlugin (2011-03-07, $Rev: 20640 (2011-03-07) $): Read and show access rights of topics
    • SlideShowPlugin (2015-01-14, $Rev: 28669 (2015-01-14) $): Create web based presentations based on topics with headings.
    • SlidyPlugin (2010-11-09, $Rev: 19799 (2010-11-09) $): Create web based presentations based on topics with headings; operate presentation like an ordinary PowerPoint presentation.
    • SmiliesPlugin (2015-02-16, $Rev: 28708 (2015-02-17) $): Render smilies as icons, like  :-)  as smile or  :eek:  as eek!
    • SvnPlugin (2011-03-03, $Rev: 20604 (2011-03-03) $): Improves traceability of task and commits with subversion repository
    • SyntaxHighlightingPlugin (2013-12-11, $Rev): Highlight source code fragments for many languages
    • TWikiDrawPlugin (2013-05-17, $Rev: 25952 (2013-05-17) $): Vector drawing editor and clickable maps for diagrams and workflows
    • TablePlugin (2015-02-16, $Rev: 28722 (2015-02-17) $): Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns
    • TagMePlugin (2015-02-16, $Rev: 28724 (2015-02-17) $): Tag wiki content collectively or authoritatively to find content by keywords
    • TimeSincePlugin (2010-07-27, $Rev: 19277 (2010-07-27) $):
    • TinyTextareaPlugin (0.01, $Rev: 00001 (2012-03-01) $): Show and edit Formfield in a simple TinyMCE environment.
    • ToolTipPlugin (2010-12-11, $Rev: 19955 (2010-12-11) $): Create Tool Tips for links
    • TopicCreatePlugin (2014-11-07, $Rev: 28434 (2014-11-07) $): Automatically create a set of topics and attachments at topic save time
    • TopicDataHelperPlugin (2010-07-25, $Rev: 19246 (2010-07-25) $): Helper plugin for collecting, filtering and sorting data objects.
    • TopicReferencePlugin (2010-11-09, 1.002): Find orphaned topics and topic reference counts
    • TreeBrowserPlugin (2014-01-02, $Rev: 28100 (2014-09-29) $): Renders a list as a collapsable/expandable tree.
    • TreePlugin (2015-03-18, $Rev: 28818 (2015-03-18) $): Dynamically generate TWiki topic trees based on the parent-child relationship of topics
    • TwistyPlugin (2013-03-22, $Rev: 26803 (2014-10-05) $): Twisty section JavaScript library to open/close content dynamically
    • UpdateAttachmentsPlugin (2011-05-14, $Rev: 21289 (2011-05-14) $): Add and remove attachments in batch mode
    • UpdateInfoPlugin (2011-04-07, $Rev: 20970 (2011-04-07) $): Visually indicate if a topic behind a WikiWord was created or updated recently
    • VarCachePlugin (2015-03-16, $Rev: 28811 (2015-03-16) $): Cache TWiki variables in selected topics for faster page rendering
    • VotePlugin (2012-12-10, $Rev: 24404 (2012-12-10) $): Simple way to count votes
    • WatchlistPlugin (2014-05-20, $Rev: 27429 (2014-10-05) $): Watch topics of interest and get notified of changes by e-mail
    • WeatherPlugin (2011-04-11, $Rev: 21006 (2011-04-11) $): Displays nice weather graphics for a specific location
    • WysiwygPlugin (2013-09-18, $Rev: 27021 (2014-10-05) $): Translator framework for WYSIWYG editors
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, SystemInformationVariables
  • Related: ACTIVATEDPLUGINS, FAILEDPLUGINS, PLUGINVERSION, TWikiPlugins, InstalledPlugins (this topic)

PLUGINVERSION -- the version of a TWiki Plugin, or the TWiki Plugins API

RECENTVISITOR -- show statistics of recent visitors to the TWiki site

  • The %RECENTVISITOR{}% variable is handled by the RecentVisitorPlugin
  • Most recent visit of an individual:
    • Syntax: %RECENTVISITOR{"user" name="..." format="..."}%
    • Parameters:
      Parameter Description Default
      "user" or
      Recent visit of an individual report (none)
      name="..." WikiName of person (currently logged in user)
      format="..." Format of report. Supported tokens:
      $date - date of last visit
      $time - time of last visit (GMT)
      $ago - how long ago
      $ip - IP address (only shown to non-administrators if enabled in configure)
      $n, $nop, $quot, $percnt, $dollar - standard FormatTokens.
      "Last seen $ago ago"
      notfound="..." Message shown if user is not found. "Never seen"
  • Report of recent visitors:
    • Syntax: %RECENTVISITOR{"recent" format="..."}%
    • Parameters:
      Parameter Description Default
      "recent" or
      Report of recent visitors (none)
      format="..." Format of each line of the report. Supported tokens:
      $username - login name of user
      $wikiname - WikiName of user
      $wikusername - WikiName prefixed with Main web name
      • plus above tokens.
      "   * $wikiusername last seen $ago ago"
      separator="..." Separator between lines. Standard FormatTokens are expanded. "$n" (newline)
      limit="..." Limit the number of lines. "10"
  • Examples:
    • %RECENTVISITOR{"user" name="TWikiAdminUser"}% - show most recent visit of TWikiAdminUser.
    • %RECENTVISITOR{"recent" format="| $wikiusername | $ago ago |}% - show 10 most recent visitors.
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, UsersAndAuthenticationVariables
  • Related: RecentVisitorPlugin (this topic)

REDIRECT{"url"} -- create a redirect to another topic or website

USERREPORT -- show user reports with profile pictures

  • Show various user reports documented in UserReports
  • Syntax: %USERREPORT{ action="..." ... }%
  • Overview of actions with parameters:
    Report action= Parameters
    Show a simple list of registered users "user_list" search, limit, sort, reverse
    Show the profile picture image of a user "profile_picture" user, height, width, title
    Show slim, one line height user boxes "slim_box_start"
    "slim_box" or
    user, style
    users, style
    Show small, two line height user boxes "small_box_start"
    "small_box" or
    user, style
    users, style
    Show users in business card format "business_card_start"
    "business_card" or
    user, style
    users, style
    Show a selector to pick a user,
    for use in HTML forms
    "select_one_user" name, selected, users
    Show rows of checkboxes to select users,
    for use in HTML forms
    "select_users" name, selected, users, colums, style
  • Example: %USERREPORT{ action="user_list" search="jane" limit="5" }%
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, DevelopmentVariables, UsersAndAuthenticationVariables
  • Related: BUBBLESIG, SEARCH, USERSIG, UserList, UserReports (this topic)

VARCACHE{ attributes } -- cache TWiki variables in selected topics for faster page rendering

  • The %VARCACHE{}% variable is handled by the VarCachePlugin.
  • Syntax: %VARCACHE{ "24" }%
  • Supported attributes:
    Attribute Comment Default
    "..." or
    Cache refresh period in hours (maximum age of cache) REFRESH setting
    cachemsg="..." Message shown when looking at a cached topic. Use $age to indicate the age of cache, $link to indicate the refresh URL CACHEMSG setting
    updatemsg="..." Message shown after a cache refresh. Use $link to indicate the refresh URL UPDATEMSG setting
  • Example: %VARCACHE{"168"}% caches the current page for 7 days
  • Exclude variables from getting cached:
    • Use <varcache_exclude> ... </varcache_exclude> to exclude sections of a page
      • Example: <varcache_exclude> %SEARCH{...}% </varcache_exclude> runs the search on every page view, regardless of caching
    • Or, prefix variables with VARCACHE_EXCLUDE_
      • Example: %VARCACHE_EXCLUDE_WIKIUSERNAME% renders the WIKIUSERNAME variable on every page view, regardless of caching
  • Category: AdministrationVariables, DevelopmentVariables
  • Related: VarCachePlugin, VarCachePluginTest (this topic)

WEBPREFSTOPIC -- name of web preferences topic

WIKIHOMEURL -- site home URL

WIKILOGOALT -- site logo tooltip message

WIKILOGOIMG -- site logo image URL

WIKILOGOURL -- site logo home URL

WIKIPREFSTOPIC -- name of site-wide preferences topic

WIKIVERSION -- the version of the installed TWiki engine

Total: 24 variables

Related Topics: TWikiVariables, TWikiVariablesSearch, TWikiVariablesQuickStart

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