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Weekly Reports - ElizabethAuden

2005 November

This week: ON HOLIDAY
Next week: PPARC Phase A review, AstroGrid cycle-3 planning meeting, intensive work on ATLAS tool.

This week: Installed ATLAS tape / datastore libraries on msslxx. Work with Paul Lamb on external CVS access. Finished Phase A, Phase B, and Financial presentations for PPARC review. Begin looking at detailed workpackages, particularly for streaming tool. Received invitation to joint AIA / HMI meeting in Feb. 2006. Met with Yvonne and Bill to discuss AstroGrid access and global helioseismology tools.
Next week: ON HOLIDAY. (And looking at Slinger package.)

This week: Work on tool to retrieve datasets from ATLAS store and transfer to AstroGrid MySpace (for Solar-B and eSDO). Report sent to ATLAS group. Possible tools: 1) CEA at MSSL / RAL, 2) CEA at MSSL, data transfer subset of CEA at RAL, 3) Pipe ATLAS tape command to FTP, 4) investigate Slinger package from Martin Hill.
Next week: Workpackages, CVS, CUTest plan, finish up PPARC review presentations

This week: Worked with Mike S. and Paul Lamb on plans for remote access to CVS, msslxx backups, and gcc v Intel compiler (sticking with gcc for now). Work on financial report for PPARC review and continued preparations for review reports. Began workplan for rapid prototype of SDO streaming tool.
Next week: Get in touch with Stanford re: streaming tool, finalize CVS access and server backups.

2005 October

This week: Sick with flu
Next week: Look into CVS, CUTest, msslxx backups, prepare for Phase A review

This week: Prepare for Phase A review, sick with flu
Next week: ---

This week: Added development CEA and registry, prepare for Phase A review, actions from consortium meeting
Next week: Begin gathering budget info

This week: Consortium meeting Oct. 6
Next week: Actions from consortium meeting, Phase A review preparation

2005 September

Visit to Stanford and Lockheed Martin, holiday, e-science All Hands meeting, end of Phase A.

2005 August

This week: Wrote up helicity algorithm. Continued working on Phase A review deliverable documents, workpackage summary, and budget. Science advisory telecon Friday to note interest in HELAS, concern over HMI products to be held in data centre, community approval pre Phase A review, and list of documents to be prepared.
Next week: Print AHM poster, finish 1st drafts of all deliverables, get ready for Palo Alto visit.

This week: Researched helicity algorithm. Preparing documents for science advisory telecon and Phase A review.
Next week: Further work on documents. Ennumerate helicity recipe. Telecon Friday.

This week: Liased with JSOC team in US to plan agenda for Stanford visit in a few weeks. Talked to Sergei and Vito about Sheffield and RAL algorithms; have now gone through all formal writeups for algorithm deliverables. Reviewed promising magnetic extrapolation and helicity methods with Mike and Len. Began initial draft of data centre grid integration document.
Next week: Begin plans for Phase A review in October. Continue work on data centre deliverable document; begin quicklook deliverable document.

This week: Discussed improved data storage estimates and architecture with David Corney from RAL ATLAS datastore. Made appointments to talk to all developers about algorithm progress. Discussed algorithms with Mike Smith and Thierry Toutain; updates transcribed to PhaseA deliverable algorithm writeups.
Next week: Talk to Sergei Zharkov and Vito Graffagnino about algorithms. Finish updating all Phase A algorithm docs. Discuss storage and processing requirements with UCL e-science centre; begin formal data centre deliverable docs (for UK centre).

2005 July

This week: ON HOLIDAY
Next week:

This week: Protege conference in Madrid for Astrogrid - no eSDO work
Next week: on holiday

This week: Wrote and submitted eSDO overview paper for AHM 2005
Next week: Protoege conference for Astrogrid

This week: eSDO talk at AG consortium cancelled. Notification that eSDO paper for AHM 2005 due Sunday, July 17th. Discussions with Paul Lamb and ATLAS Datastore team at RAL regarding data centre access design for Solar-B; some components will be reusable for eSDO.
Next week:Write eSDO paper for AHM. Refined estimate of eSDO storage requirements using results from Solar News questionnaire and advice from JSOC team during telecon.

2005 June

This week: Created templates for all formal algorithm documents (deliverable 1121). Filled out PhaseALoopRecogntion as an example. Posted project manager's quarterly report. Wrote up minutes of last week's AIA minutes. Discussed curvelet analysis with Mike. Telecon with Len, Phil Scherrer, Rick Bogart, Jesper Schou and Rasmus Larsen. Registered for AHM 2005 and Grid Integration workshop for eSDO talk.
Next week: Further investigation of curvelet analysis; begin work on templates for other eSDO deliverables. Print out poster. Begin eSDO talk for AstroGrid consortium meeting.

This week: AIA meeting with Neal Hurlburt and Karel Schrijver. Sent eSDO questionnaire to Solar News and AHM flyer to Clare Gryce.
Next week: Continue work on algorithm template.

This week: Discussions with MSSL admins about AstroGrid network solution for eSDO and Solar-B data access. Work on HMI / AIA quicklook thoughts with Thierry.
Next week: AIA meeting

This week: Finalized questionnaire for Solar News. Created updated eSDO poster for 2005 conferences as well as flyer for AHM 2005. Agenda for June 22 meeting with Neal / Karel.
Next week: Begin draft of algorithm document template using Loop Recognition algorithm.

This week: Began collation of AIA and HMI high level data product information. Early plans for UCL AHM2005 eSDO flyer and UCL "show and tell" eSDO poster.
Next week: Work on quicklooks with Thierry, finalize questions for Solar News, first drafts of poster / flyer.

2005 May

This week: Astrogrid week - investigations into compatibility problem between new version of PAL, VOTable 1.1, and the EGSO SEC query.
Next week: Look at AIA / HMI high level products. Begin outlines for all final Phase A deliverable documents.

This week: Upgraded portal, JES, filestore, and filemanager. Registered community so that esdo accounts can log into any AG portal. Worked on AG tutorial with Mike Smith and looked at Marc Derosa's PFSS viewer in SolarSoft for the magnetic extrapolation code.
Next week: Take a closer look at AIA / HMI high level data products.

This week: Extrapolated permanent storage requirements from TRACE datasets, saw LabVIEW demo, began looking into compiling C modules as sharable libraries accessible through IDL's call_external function, started tracking down JSOC usage traffic model
Next week: Further IDL / C testing, work with Mike on Astrogrid tutorials / Astrogrid installation documentation. 06-05-05
This week: Installed AstroGrid community, chaired second eSDO consortium meeting in Birmingham, created portal accounts for eSDO team.
Next week: Test component registration and workflows, search for high level file sizes, work on consortium meeting actions

2005 April

This week: Installed AstroGrid registry, CEA, JES, portal, filestore, and filemanager. Documented installation procedure at AstrogridInstallation. Configured AstroGrid solar movie maker to run as a CEA application on msslxx.
Next week: Finish AstroGrid community installation. eSDO consortium meeting on Wednesday.

This week: Spoke to David Corney, Bonny Strong, and Tim Folkes about use of Atlas petabyte store for UK data centre. Obtained quotes for temporary data cache and permanent sampled data on tape storage. Attended Atlas users meeting. Initial installation of eSDO registry on msslxx. Removed old portal and mySpace.
Next week: Replace portal, register eSDO registry with AstroGrid, install filestore, filemanager, JES.

This week: Prepared agenda for consortium meeting, plans for developer work through next few months of Phase A, installed SolarSoft on msslxx for experiementation with existing IDL routines, spoke to Mike and Sergei about Sheffield algorithsm.
Next week: meet with Atlas DataStore group at RAL

This week: Plans to meet with HMI teams in June (UK) and September (US). Met with e-Science security task force interviewer Brock Craft, spoke to Yvonne and Thierry about Birmingham algorithsm.
Next week: Install SolarSoft on msslxx.

This week: Finalized DataCentreImplementation1311, SolarAlgorithms1111, and submitted extended abstract for AHM 2005 mini-workshop on Data Integration With the Grid. Received updated Astrogrid component war files. Installed and configured the JES component on msslxx. Welcomed SergeiZharkov and Thierry Toutain to the project.
Next week: Reinstall portal. Configure mySpace, community, and registry.

2005 March

This week: Astrogrid training day, including documentation of component installation with AstrogridBootCamp. First drafts of DataCentreImplementation1311 and the 2-page extended abstract for the All Hands 2005 meeting.
Next week: Finish documents, continue Astrogrid component installation and documentation.

This week: Attended SDO JSOC peer review at Stanford University. Was able to discuss data products, pipeline algorithms and data centre deployment with AIA and HMI instrument teams. Demonstrated eSDO instance of Astrogrid software at Stanford and Lockheed Martin.
Next week: Astrogrid “training day”

This week: Interviews for Sheffield post with MichaelThompson on March 9. Wrote Astrogrid response with Silvia Dalla to VO comments made at the UK Solar Missions Forum at RAL Feb 8-9. Further ideas from eSDO science team regarding UK data center. Demo from MikeSmith about eSDO sample data centre: now registered with main Astrogrid portal. Can login, build query to Trace and MDI sample database, and build / submit workflow to get VOTable of Trace / MDI files held on msslxx. Discussion plans and presentation written for next week’s JSOC peer review.
Next week: Prepare for SDO JSOC peer review at Stanford next week.

This week: Interviews for Birmingham post, collation and request for feedback on further UK data centre ideas from SimonMartin, LenCulhane, and AndrzejFludra. IDL VM ware OCM algorithm finally ran all the way through, producing loop recognition on a TRACE image. Assuming this OCM uses a current-free model, LidiavanDrielGesztelyi discussed adding an electric current model for pixel goodness weighting.
Next week: Interviews for Sheffield developer post on March 9. Install Astrogrid portal, myspace, and registry on msslxx will be formulated; demo of AG system at JSOC peer review would be ideal.

2005 February

This week: Read and wrote summary of RAL DEM algorithm comparison (see DemComputationRalReport). Demo from MikeSmith – eSDO demo PAL now allowing queries from TRACE and MDI tables, and PhaseADemoPAL updated to show JDBC changes. Plans established to have CEA tool allowing data download by middle of March. Short abstract written for presentation submission to “Data Integration in e-Science” workshop at the All Hands 2005 conference in September. A two page extended abstract will be submitted by 01/04/05. Invitation extended from Rick Bogart to the SDO-JSOC peer review at Stanford on March 17. I’ll attend from March 16-18.
Next week: Interviews for Birmingham developer post on Feb 28. Plans to install Astrogrid portal, myspace, and registry on msslxx will be formulated; demo of AG system at JSOC peer review would be ideal. Read YvonneElsworth’s references for low degree data. MSSL SURF meeting on 01/03/05 will further develop plans for 2nd SDO data centre in UK.

This week: Wrote first draft of DataCentreImplementationPlan. Extracted algorithm steps of Lee and Gary’s loop recognition algorithm in LoopRecognitionOCMsteps. Twiki upgraded to create PDF documents: see CreatingPDFsFromTwikiPages. Received RAL report on DEM algorithms.
Next week: Enable automated section numbering on twiki. Review DEM algorithms. Continue PAL configuration.

This week: Gave SDO and e-Science talk at UK Solar Missions forum. Tried out IDL VM program for loop recognition provided by Jake Lee from Marshall Space Flight Center.
Next week: Discuss twiki upgrades with Paul Lamb and Louise Harra. Read more about loop recognition algorithm.

This week: Mainly work on Astrogrid solar movie maker. Initial work on data centre implementation plan.
Next week: SDO e-science talk at solar missions forum, write-up of PAL install / configuration, further work on data centre implementation plan.

2005 January

This week: began configuration of PAL, set up MySQL testing database (“esdo”) and table (“trace”) containing filename, path, and date for Trace hourly files between 1 Jan 2002 and 31 Jan 2002. All columns are VARCHAR as the version of VOTable that PAL uses does not support datetime. Had telecon during HMI grid breakout session on Friday Jan. 28 with LenCulhane, MikeSmith, Rick Bogart, Karen Tian, and other HMI team members to discuss data centre plan at Stanford. Demonstrated basic PAL installation and query of "SampleStars" table.
Next week: Finish PAL configuration and test PAL query and file retrieval. Begin writing data centre implementation plan and take a further look at quicklook data products.

This week: Installed Axis on msslxx. Initial installation of PAL on msslxx using Astrogrid pal-SNAPSHOT.war from 18-01-05. Began email discussions with Rick Bogart and Karen Tian about the PAL layout at Stanford; initial plans are to store filenames and limited metadata in DB and access through PAL. Also spoke to Silvia Dalla about creating an Astrogrid science case to demonstrate helioseismology analysis using SOHO-MDI data in order to convey intention of future helioseismology work with SDO data and e-SDO algorithms.
Next week: Speak to Martin Hill about Astrogrid configuration. Set up msslxx mySQL to hold limited filenames / metadata of test TRACE data. Continue PAL configuration and demonstrate experience so far during telecon at HMI grid breakout session on Friday, 28-01-05.

This week: Installed Maven and Tomcat on msslxx at MSSL. Discussed twiki "device out of space" problem with Paul Lamb at MSSL. Short term solution: Paul has created more disk space accessible to twiki; long term solution: web server will migrate to SAN. Downloaded Astrogrid PAL .WAR file while MikeSmith began downloading RAL Trace data from January 2002 for demo data centre. Uploaded expense forms and travel information to twiki.
Next week: Install and configure Astrogrid PAL and begin integrating with Trace data. Continue algorithm literature search. Liase with Paul Lamb to start up Tomcat as a unix daemon.

This week: Installed eSDO twiki, accessible here at http://www.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/SDO and created initial site structure. Installed twiki calendar script. Met with MikeSmith, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, and Len Culhane to discuss LoopRecognition, MagneticFieldExtrapolation and HelicityComputation algorithms.
Next week: Get initial Trace images to use as starting point for above algorithms. Begin installation / configuration of demo data centre.

-- ElizabethAuden - 16 Jan 2005

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