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Install Net DRMS Notes


Config changes:

  1. base/drms/apps/serverdefs.h: server is msslxx
  2. base/sums/libs/api/SUM.h:
    • #define SUMSERVER "msslxx.mssl.ucl.ac.uk"
    • #define SUMDB "jsoc"
    • #define TAPEVIEWERNAME "???"
    • #define SUM_STOP_NOT "/disk/d2/griduser/SUMS/logs/SUM/SUM_STOP_NOT"
  3. Schema admin, table admin.ns, and table admin.sessionns already created
  4. src/base/sums/apps/sum_svc.c: 2 sections starting #ifndef SUMNOAO commented out
  5. src/base/sums/libs/pg/SUMLIB_PgConnect.pgc: user is griduser, host is msslxx
  6. NOTE: do not have permission to modify /etc/sudoers as in step 7
  7. NOTE: group "SOI" exists, but group "soi" does not as in step 8
  8. Change lpq to -L/disk/d2/griduser/pgsql/lib -Wl,-E,-rpath=/disk/d2/griduser/pgsql/lib in the following files:
    • ./make_basic.mk:$(SERVEREXE): LL_TGT := $(LL_TGT) -lpq
    • ./make_basic.mk:$(MODEXE): LL_TGT := $(LL_TGT) -lpq
    • ./base/sums/apps/Rules.mk:LL_TGT_$(d) := -lecpg -lpq
  9. Make the following local config changes to make_basic.mk:
    • PGIPATH = /disk/d2/griduser/pgsql/include
    • COMPILER = gcc
    • F77 = f77
  10. Note: extra step from Karen Tian 00:11 27/10/07: in base/sums/apps/Rules.mk, change "tenerife.tuc.noao.edu" to "msslxx.mssl.ucl.ac.uk."
  11. (Do once) Run ./configure and make. SUCCESS (I think - make finished without error)
  12. (Do once) Run make sums in DRMS root directory. SUCCESS with warning base/sums/apps/tapearc.o(.text+0x458): In function `sighandler': : warning: the `gets' function is dangerous and should not be used.
  13. Run SUMS server: ./bin/linux_ia32/sum_svc jsoc FAIL with error
    -bash-2.05b$ ./bin/linux_ia32/sum_svc jsoc
    Please wait for sum_svc and tape inventory to initialize...
    Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection refused
  14. (New as of 31/10/07) start portmapper daemon on msslxx
  15. edit ./base/sums/apps/Rules.mk: change ifeq ($(HOST),tenerife.tuc.noao.edu) to ifeq ($(HOST),msslxx.mssl.ucl.ac.uk). Make clean, configure, make, make sums.
  16. -bash-2.05b$ ./bin/linux_ia32/sum_svc jsoc
    Please wait for sum_svc and tape inventory to initialize...
  17. Logs written in dir /usr/local/logs/SUM/. Example:
    -bash-2.05b$ more /usr/local/logs/SUM/sum_svc_2007.10.31.104725.log
    ## Oct 31 10:47:25 sum_svc on msslxx for pid = 10181 ##
    Database to connect to is jsoc
    execvp of sum_rm
    ***Can't execvp() sum_rm. errno=2
    Error in DS_ConnectDB host=msslxx.mssl.ucl.ac.uk db=jsoc user=griduser
    Could not connect to database jsoc in line 30.
    Error in DS_PallocClean
    No such connection NULL in line 21.
    ***Can't SUM_Init()
  18. (New as of 01/11/07) once role jsoc has been granted to griduser plus masterlists run (see DRMS db user below), create .pgpass file in griduser's home directory. Format: msslxx.mssl.ucl.ac.uk:*:*:griduser:mypassword
  19. Important: make sure that correct $JSOCDIR/bin/linux_ia32 has been added to griduser's path (check by running % which sum_rm - result should be $JSOCDIR/bin/linux_ia32/sum_rm)
  20. -bash-2.05b$ ./bin/linux_ia32/sum_svc jsoc
    Please wait for sum_svc and tape inventory to initialize...
    -bash-2.05b$ Can't open config file /home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/apps/data/sum_rm.cfg.jsoc. Using defaults...

Config notes

The following files have "/home/production/cvs/JSOC" or "/home/production/cvs/jsoc" hardcoded:

  • ./base/sums/apps/driven_svc.c: sprintf(md5filter, "/home/production/cvs/jsoc/bin/%s/md5filter",
  • ./base/sums/apps/sum_rm.c:#define CFG_FILE "/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/apps/data/sum_rm.cfg"
  • ./base/sums/libs/api/tape.h:#define LIBDEVFILE "/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/apps/data/libdevfile.cfg"
  • ./base/sums/scripts/sum_start:#/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts/sum_start
  • ./base/sums/scripts/sum_start_dc:#/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts/sum_start
  • ./base/sums/scripts/sum_stop:#/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts/sum_stop
  • ./base/sums/scripts/sum_stop_dc:#/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts/sum_stop
  • ./base/sums/scripts/sumlook.pl:#/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts/sumlook.pl
  • ./base/sums/scripts/t120view:$OURPATH = "/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts/t120view"; #!!this program
  • ./base/sums/scripts/t50view:#$OURPATH = "/home/production/cvs/JSOC/base/sums/scripts/t50view"; #!!this program
  • ./base/sums/scripts/tapearc_do:/home/production/cvs/jsoc/bin/linux_x86_64/tapearc -v jsoc >>& /tmp/tapearc_cron.log

The following files have "/usr/local/logs/SUM/" hardcoded:

  • ./base/sums/apps/data/sum_rm.cfg.hmidb
  • ./base/sums/apps/data/sum_rm.cfg.hmidbX
  • ./base/sums/apps/data/sum_rm.cfg.jsoc
  • ./base/sums/apps/data/sum_rm.cfg.jsocdc
  • ./base/sums/apps/driven_svc.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/driveonoff.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/impexp.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/main.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/main2.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/robotn_svc.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/sum_rm.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/sum_svc.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/tape_inventory.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/tape_svc.c
  • ./base/sums/apps/tapeonoff.c
  • ./base/sums/scripts/t120view
  • ./base/sums/scripts/t50view
  • ./base/util/scripts/dsview
  • ./scripts/t120view
  • ./scripts/t50view
  • ./scripts/dsview

DRMS db user

See InstallDRMS for full instructions on creating admin schema, creating new db user, and running masterlists. In this case, use existing db user griduser and perform these two operations:

  • % psql jsoc -U postgres
  • jsoc=# grant jsoc to griduser; *% masterlists dbuser=griduser JSOC_DBHOST=msslxx JSOC_DBNAME=jsoc namespace=griduser nsgrp=user (Success!)
  • % psql jsoc -U postgres
  • jsoc=# insert into admin.sessionns values ('griduser', 'griduser'); Success!

Question: can I insert user "griduser" into namespace "mssl_eca"?

Install 2: Get DRMS and SUMS only from cvs

  1. ssh to stanford; remove old local JSOC directory
  2. cvs checkout DRMS
  3. tar up code and transfer to msslxx: JSOC2.tar

-- ElizabethAuden - 23 Oct 2007

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