DEM Computation


  • Inputs: AIA images in multiple wavelengths.

  • Outputs: DEM curves for each pixel.

  • Problem: AIA images from several channels will be taken to create DEM curves for each pixel.

Literature Search

  • Intensity integral inversion techniques: A Study in preparation for the SOHO mission R A Harrison (Rutherford), A M Thompson (Glasgow U.). RAL internal report

    Please see DemComputationRalReport for further information on this report. - ElizabethAuden

  • Coronal Thermal Structure from a Differential Emission Measure Map of the Sun.
    J.W.Cook, J.S.Newmark, and J.D.Moses. 8th SOHO Workshop: Plasma Dynamics and Diagnostics in the Solar Transition Region and Corona. Proceedings of the Conference held 22-25 June 1999
  • EIT User's Guide
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    • Unfortunately this only provides the abstract from the meeting

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  • Routines and Libraries

  • SPEX -

  • CHIANTI atomic database -

  • ADAS -

    Test Data

    EIT data (all wavelengths).


    Need to obtain multi-layer's response as a function of wavelength to this - if it isn't available due to ITAR, this is a problem.

    -- SimonMartin - 22 Mar 2005

    -- ElizabethAuden - 11 Jan 2005

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