Coronal Seismology Minutes: 10 July 2006


  • Date and time: Monday, 10 July 2006, 10:30 - 16:00
  • Location: Foster Court, UCL
  • Attendees: Elizabeth Auden, Len Culhane, Robertus von Fay-Siebenburgen, Ineke de Moortel, Valery Nakariakovuk, Eoghan O'Shea, Youra Taroyan, David Williams


Suggestions for Pipeline FFT Analysis Module (no human interaction)

  • Automated module to apply FFT to find regions of wave power

Suggestions for Streaming Tool (GUI)

  • QuickLookVisualization - as part of eSDO effort
  • Running difference movie facility
  • Ability to choose directions vs time: x, y, spectral (8 out of 10 AIA channels)
  • User has option to get MPEG and / or IDL datacube plus index file of image series
  • User can overlay any of 10 AIA channels (plus HMI dopplergrams or LoS magnetogram) – suggest visualization limit of max 3 images OR option to display all 10 AIA channels plus HMI dopplergrams and line of sight magnetogram as parallel non-overlapped images with pixel of interest tracked in multiple windows with crosshair
  • Quicklook periodicity analysis
  • Load series of images into streaming tool
  • User mouse to select box of interest
  • Apply FFT to create periodomap or filtermap (user determines confidence levels)
  • Select one pixel only with mouse click (or superpixel?) to apply wavelet transform over given time
  • Apply FFT to different (and overlapping) period bands.
  • Three easy pieces:
    • Apply FFT to data cube to make periodomap (between a passband of periodicities identified by user): option to save periodomap as JPEG
    • Click a pixel in the periodomap; generate signal (flux intensity vs time) AND apply wavelet transform (which one?)
    • FINAL PRODUCT: graph of signal AND image of wavelet
  • If movie mode shows area of wave / oscillatory feature interest, apply 1 robust wavelet analysis (with disclaimer to community that it’s for quicklook only) to one pixel only plus graph of signal as frequency vs time.
  • User can download data cube for further analysis

Priorities from coronal wave group:

First priorities

  1. Movie maker from user-selected box (click and drag mouse)
  2. Basic and running difference (subtract previous image from current image) movie facility
  3. Create periodomaps from FFT of data cube
  4. Products: data cube, JPEG or FITS image of periodomap

Second priorities:

  1. Click on specific pixel in periodomap to generate signal and wavelet plots – save as FITS file.
  2. Products: FITS file containing signal and wavelet plots

Science Analysis – as part of SDO PLS effort

  • Add further science analysis wavelet tools beyond basic wavelet visualization

Solar Community Meeting 24 July

  • Len will present SDO PLS

IV. Next coronal wave group meeting – 16 – 20th April Preston OR RAS meeting 12 January or 9 February


  1. Valery, please send Elizabeth periodomap / filtermap code
  2. Ineke has given Elizabeth automated wavelet detection paper
  3. Ineke, please contact James about automated wavelet detection code and send to Elizabeth if possible.
  4. Elizabeth and Len must discuss proposed streaming tool enhancements with eSDO science advisory committee to see which developments may be reasonably scheduled within remaining eSDO Phase B.
  5. Elizabeth, Len and eSDO science advisory committee must discuss with coronal wave group which science enhancements may be included in the SDO PLS proposal.
  6. Elizabeth – look at IDL wavelet package

-- ElizabethAuden - 19 Jul 2006

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