February 2006 Report

Filter Usage

Time (s) Cathode Time (%) Cathode Num Description Pos Used Down Up Down Up

0 Blocked 2200 0 0.0 0.0 0.00 0.00 0 Blocked 0000 540 777042.9 51389.4 32.13 2.12 1 UV Grism Clocked 0160 0 0.0 0.0 0.00 0.00 1 UV Grism 0200 10 136.5 4867.2 0.01 0.20 2 UVW2 0400 873 90859.3 262800.0 3.76 10.87 3 V 0600 1025 78156.1 441898.8 3.23 18.27 4 UVM2 0800 831 21835.4 196944.8 0.90 8.14 5 Vis Grism Clocked 0955 6 4140.4 10801.1 0.17 0.45 5 Vis Grism 1000 12 166.9 7229.4 0.01 0.30 6 UVW1 1200 771 7842.1 136401.9 0.32 5.64 7 U 1400 698 8329.0 98391.4 0.34 4.07 8 Mag 1600 0 0.0 0.0 0.00 0.00 9 B 1800 707 24098.9 153791.0 1.00 6.36 10 White 2000 156 4690.2 36666.1 0.19 1.52


Description Time (s) % Time

UNKNOWN 8848.25 0.37 BASIC 0.00 0.00 SAFE 0.00 0.00 SLEW 248749.70 10.28 SETTLING 132.93 0.01 FINDING 2598.52 0.11 AUTOMATED 342752.73 14.17 PLANNED UNBLOCKED 1008873.08 41.71 PLANNED BLOCKED CATHODE DOWN 399332.90 16.51 PLANNED BLOCKED CATHODE UP 41027.15 1.70 SAFEPOINT 10432.63 0.43 SAA UNBLOCKED 82779.30 3.42 SAA BLOCKED 231021.58 9.55 IDLE 41633.37 1.72 UNPLANNED IDLE 414.44 0.02

TOTAL 2418596.58 100.0

Comments on Tables

~10% of the time was spent in SAA in a blocked position. These observations usually cause unnecessary movement of the filter wheel and would be better spent in PTNull, when implemented. (In this mode, no movement takes place of the filter wheel from its previous position whilst setting up for SAA).

A small amount of time (414 s) was spent unexpectedly in blocked idle as the exposure ran out just prior to a slew to the SAA - a 'Mode Exhausted' error. This is due to the SAA size used in planning - see discussion of errors below. Once PTNull is implemented, such errors would cause a unneeded move to blocked, with the attendant filter wheel wear issues.

~16% of the time the planned observations were spent in the blocked filter with the cathode down. This time would probably be better spent in engineering exposures, UV survey etc now that the new UVOT mode table is available.

The time spent in 'UNKNOWN' state is due to data gaps in telemetry.

Comments on Errors

There were 13 occurences where the UVOT had to reduce the exposure time for a planned PT, which presumably should have been detected at the planning stage. The times were

2006-02-01 00:29:01.66 2006-02-01 02:06:02.88 2006-02-01 03:42:00.72 2006-02-01 05:16:18.75 2006-02-01 06:53:17.80 2006-02-01 08:29:17.53 2006-02-01 10:06:16.35 2006-02-01 11:42:35.63 2006-02-01 13:18:16.52 2006-02-01 14:55:18.69 2006-02-01 21:22:01.81 2006-02-01 22:58:00.64

There was also a reduction for an exposure at 2006-02-28 21:03:07.79 which was in blocked just as it switched to SAA and therefore this may be a bug to investigate.

It was noticed that, when 'goto blocked failsafe' is run, the state goes briefly through SAA prior to reaching IDLE. A preliminary inspection of the relevant RTS indicated this should not occur and need investigating to see if this is a 'bug'.

There were 25 occurrences of "Mode Exhausted" when the time supplied in the FONEXTOBSINFO was insufficient. Investigation indicates the need to improve the ground SAA model. This has been submitted as Anomaly Report S-0206.

There were 6 occurrences of a DCS Event Timout awaiting a FONEXTOBSINFO record. Further examination of the logs reveals that on each occasion, the ICU sent a slew warning response twice (presumably to two spacecraft slew warning for one slew) for a single slew but we only received one FONEXTOBSINFO. This has been logged as anomaly S-0198.

2 occurrences of the error message 'Total Exposure Time is Zero' were received. These are caused by an attempt to divide by zero when calculating a scaled exposure time. Initial investigation indicates a race condition problem which arises when a slew warning comes in at the same time as the ICU is preparing for the next scaled PT observation. It has been logged as anomaly S-0200. Although this is a 'bug' in the ICU code, the circumstances that revealed it appear to be a consequence of the uncertainties in the planning process. It would be prudent to remember that the last exposure in a multi-exposure sequence may be cut back by too much and this should be considered the next time UVOT modes are altered.

Below are the small pointing position errors the ICU detected. The number immediately after the "Small...." text bit is the pointing error in arc minutes.

2006-02-03 20:56:39.78 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d0 Small Differential Drift 0003 3b11 1047 d00003 2006-02-16 09:04:22.94 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d4 Small Settled Position Error 0008 2f9a 1fa5 d40008 2006-02-16 09:04:25.78 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d1 Small Absolute Drift 0009 2f9a 1fa5 d10009 2006-02-16 12:17:23.75 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d4 Small Settled Position Error 0008 2f9a 1fa5 d40008 2006-02-16 12:17:25.77 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d1 Small Absolute Drift 0008 2f9a 1fa6 d10008 2006-02-16 15:30:23.75 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d4 Small Settled Position Error 0008 2f99 1fa5 d40008 2006-02-16 15:30:25.78 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d1 Small Absolute Drift 0008 2f99 1fa5 d10008 2006-02-16 18:43:23.95 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d4 Small Settled Position Error 0008 2f99 1fa6 d40008 2006-02-16 18:43:27.79 APID 375 ICU*ERR*pkg=24 err=d1 Small Absolute Drift 0008 2f99 1fa6 d10008

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Wagering Basketball Wagering Online Belmont Online Stakes Wagering Best Online Wagering Book Online Sports Wagering Book Online Sport Wagering Casino Online Wagering College Football Online Wagering College Football Wagering Online Football Online Wagering Football Wagering Online Free Information Online Wagering Gambling Online Wagering Greyhound Online Wagering Horse Online Race Wagering Horse Online Racing Wagering Horse Online Wagering Horse Race Wagering Online Horse Racing Wagering Online Internet Wagering Keyword Online Wagering Nba Online Wagering Nba Wagering Online Olympic Online Sports Sports Wagering Olympic Sports Online Sports Wagering Online Baseball Wagering Online Casino Wagering Online Greyhound Wagering Online Horse Wagering Add Holdem Link Texas Betting Company Internet Sports Free Slot Com Advertising Business Home Lead Mlm Affiliate Lead Marketing Mlm Network Best Mlm Lead Best Mlm Qualified Lead Bulk Lead Mlm Business Free Lead Mlm Business Opportunity Mlm Exclusive Lead Business Opportunity Seeker Mlm Lead Buy Mlm Lead Canada Lead Mlm Cheap Mlm Lead Direct Guaranteed Lead Mlm Sales Double Opt In Mlm Lead Exclusive Mlm Lead Fast Lead Mlm Foundmyponycom Lead Mlm Sales Technique Free Mlm Lead Free Mlm Lead Generation Fresh Mlm Lead Generation Lead Marketing Mlm Network Generation Lead Mlm Program Generation Lead Real Time Mlm Generation Lead Site Web Mlm Generation Mlm Lead Custom Herbalife Mlm Lead Home Based Business Mlm Lead Home Business Lead Mlm Internet Lead Marketing Member Mlm Interviewed Lead Mlm Phone Lead Business Opportunity Mlm Lead Business Opportunity Mlm Marketing Lead List Mailing Mlm Lead Live Mlm Lead Marketing Mlm Lead Mlm Phone Verified Lead Mlm Prospect Lead Mlm Purchase Lead Mlm Uk Live Verified Mlm Business Lead Low Cost Mlm Lead Mlm Business Lead Mlm Downline Lead Mlm Email Lead Mlm Lead Automatic Responder Mlm Lead Best Price Mlm Lead Company Mlm Lead Generation Mlm Lead Generation Company Mlm Lead Generator Mlm Lead List Mlm Leads Mlm Lead Source Mlm Lead System Mlm Local Lead Mlm Multi Level Marketing Lead Mlm Network Marketing Lead Mlm Opportunity Lead Mlm Opt In Lead Mlm Phone Lead Mlm Sales Lead Network Marketing Lead Mlm Lead Online Mlm Lead Optimized Mlm Lead Opt In Mlm Email Lead Opt In Mlm Lead Pre Qualified Mlm Lead Qualified Mlm Lead Quality Mlm Lead Real Time Mlm Lead Surveyed Mlm Lead Targeted Mlm Lead Wholesale Mlm Lead Bc Keno Lottery Big Red Keno Bingo And Keno Camp Keno Casino Game Keno Online Caveman Keno Club Keno Cyber Keno Daily Keno Daily Keno Numbers Ontario Winning Daily Keno Result Du Keno Regles Four Card Keno Free Casino Keno Free Casino Keno Game Free Game Keno Online Video Free Keno Free Keno Download Free Keno Download Game Free Keno Game Free Keno Game Online Free Keno Generator Free Keno Software Free Offline Keno Free Online Keno Free Video Keno Gambling Tip Keno Grarrl Keno Handheld Keno How To Win Keno Internet Keno Jupiters Keno Keno Keno And Stud Poker Keno Antique Keno Basics Keno Bay Mexico Keno Brother Keno Casino Keno Cheat Keno Download Keno Forum Keno Gambling Keno Game Keno Gewinnzahlen Keno History Keno Jackpot Keno Links Keno Lottery Keno Machine Keno Numbers Keno Odds Keno Online Keno Oregon Keno Oregon Real Estate Keno Play Poker Keno Result Keno Rolling Stones Keno Rule Keno Sandal Keno Site Myspace Com Keno Software Keno Stone Keno Strategy Keno System Keno Tip Keno Winning Numbers Las Vegas Keno Leigh And Leslie Keno Leigh Keno Leslie Keno Lottery Keno Ontario Lotto Keno Lucky Keno Numbers Maryland Keno Massachusetts Keno Michigan Club Keno Michigan Keno Michigan Lottery Keno Online Casino Keno Online Keno Online Keno Game Ontario Daily Keno Ontario Keno Ontario Keno Numbers Play Keno Play Keno For Free Play Keno Game Online Play Keno Online Pogo Keno Power Keno Resultat Keno Superball Keno Super Keno Tatts Keno Video Keno Winning Keno Excalibur Las Vegas Flamingo Las Vegas Gold Miner Vegas Harrahs Las Vegas Imperial Palace Las Vegas In Infiniti Las Rent Vegas Las Vegas Las Vegas Airport Las Vegas Attraction Las Vegas Car Rental Las Vegas Cheap Hotel Las Vegas Club Web Cam Las Vegas Condo Las Vegas Convention Las Vegas Convention Center Las Vegas Coupon Las Vegas Deal Las Vegas Entertainment Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Flight Las Vegas Golf Las Vegas Golf Course Las Vegas Headliners Las Vegas Hilton Las Vegas Home Las Vegas Home For Sale Las Vegas Hotel Las Vegas Hotel Discount Las Vegas Hotel Map Las Vegas Hotel Reservation Las Vegas Jobs Las Vegas Map Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas Nevada Hotel Las Vegas Nevada Real Estate Las Vegas New Home Las Vegas News Las Vegas Night Club Las Vegas Nv Hotel Las Vegas Package Las Vegas Real Estate Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Las Vegas Realtor Las Vegas Review Journal Las Vegas Show Las Vegas Show Ticket Las Vegas Site Myspace Com Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas Strip Map Las Vegas Tour Las Vegas Travel Las Vegas Trip Las Vegas Vacation Las Vegas Weather Las Vegas Web Cam Las Vegas Wedding Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Zip Code Luxor Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Mirage Las Vegas Monte Carlo Las Vegas Mr Vegas Paris Casino Vegas Paris Las Vegas Pretty Vegas Restaurant Las Vegas Rio Las Vegas San Remo Hotel Las Vegas Stratosphere Las Vegas Treasure Island Las Vegas Venetian Hotel Las Vegas Venetian Las Vegas Wynn Hotel Las Vegas Wynn Las Vegas Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas Aladdin Las Vegas Apartment Rental Las Vegas Nevada Ballys Las Vegas Caesars Palace Las Vegas Chip Vegas Wedding Circus Circus Las Vegas Craigslist Las Vegas Csi Las Vegas Discount Vegas Hotel Exotic Pet Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas Bad Credit Mortgage Bad Credit Mortgage Loan Bad Credit Personal Loan Bad Debt Credit Card Bad Debt Management Business Creditcard Business Credit Card Business Debt Management Center For Debt Management Chase Credit Card Chase Manhattan Credit Card Christian Debt Consolidation Christian Debt Management Christian Debt Management Chicago Christian Debt Management Milwaukee Christian Debt Management San Antonio Commercial Debt Management Consolidate Credit Card Debt Consolidate Debt Consolidate Debt Credit Debt Management Consolidating Credit Card Debt Consumer Counseling Credit Debt Management Consumer Credit Counseling Consumer Credit Counseling Service Consumer Debt Counseling Consumer Debt Management Corporate Credit Card Counseling Credit Debt Management Service Counseling Credit Debt Management Services Counseling Debt Free Management Counseling Debt Management Solution Credit And Debt Counseling Creditcard Credit Card Credit Card Consolidation Credit Card Counseling Creditcard Debt Credit Card Debt Credit Card Debt Consolidation Credit Card Debt Elimination Credit Card Debt Help Credit Card Debt Management Credit Card Debt Management Company Credit Card Debt Management Services Credit Card Debt Management Uk Credit Card Debt Reduction Credit Card Debt Relief Credit Cards Credit Consolidation Credit Counseling Credit Counseling Debt Management Agency Credit Debt Credit Debt Management Currency Debt Exchange Management Debt Debt Advice Debt And Bill Consolidation Debt Collection Management Software Debt Consoladation Debtconsolidation Eliminate Debt Free Debt Consolidation Free Debt Management Free Debt Management Advice Free Debt Management Program Freedom Debt Management Genus Debt Management Get Out Of Debt Home Equity Credit Line Home Equity Loan Bad Credit Home Equity Loans Bad Credit Home Loans For Bad Credit Liberty Debt Management Loans For People With Bad Credit Money Management Debt Reduction National Foundation For Debt Management No Credit Check Loan Non Profit Debt Management Non Profit Debt Management Program Online Debt Consolidation Online Debt Management Online Debt Management Program Personal Debt Management Personal Loan For Bad Credit Personal Loans For Bad Credit Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit Refinance Mortgage With Bad Credit Second Mortgage Bad Credit Total Debt Management Trinity Debt Management Unsecured Debt Consolidation Usa Debt Management Add Debt Link Management Advanced Debt Management Advanced Debt Management Services Advanced Debt Management Solution Advance Debt Management Solution American Association Debt Management Organization American Debt Management American Debt Management Services Bad Credit Bad Credit Home Loan Bad Credit Loan

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