Welcome to the home of TWiki.MSSL. This is a web-based collaboration area for scientists, engineers, researchers, and students at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is an online collaboration area that allows people to edit documents and upload files using a web browser. Just as concurrent versioning systems (CVS) provide a central repository for code, a wiki is a central repository for documents. CVS can also be used for central document storage, but the simplicity of wikis means that you and your colleagues only need a web browser to create, view, and edit your documents.

This wiki uses TWiki software. TWiki provides a set of perl libraries that interact with a mySQL database. The words "wiki" and "twiki" can be used interchangeably here.

What features are available?

This wiki has specific collaboration areas or "wikiwebs" for a number of projects at MSSL. In addition to the TWiki, Main, and WebHome areas, there are also wikiwebs for the eSDO project (SDO), Swift burst advocates (SwiftBA), the UVOT calibration team (UVOTCal), and MSSL-based Swift burst advocates (BAConfidential). If you would like to create a new wikiweb for your group or project, please email JuliaGaudelli. Each part of the wiki offers several features for group collaboration:

  • Edit documents with colleagues, including a facility to rollback to previous versions
  • Upload images, zip files, FITS files, Word docs, Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and more
  • Automatically convert html documents to PDF files for easy printing and download
  • Add dates to online calendars for individuals, groups, and projects
  • Secure editing and / or viewing privileges to certain groups or named users
  • Create user groups for colleagues and project members

How do I get started?

This wiki requires users to log in with a wikiname and password before they may edit or create topics. Register for an account at TWikiRegistration. Most pages are publicly viewable, so links may be sent to colleagues who have not registered for accounts on this wiki. You can write documents in plain text, HTML, or text formatted with twiki shortcuts for bold, italics, or monospaced typefaces. For more information on creating new topics, editing existing topics, or uploading files, please look at TWikiTutorial to get started.

Arrgh! I can't find what I'm looking for!

It is good practice to provide sensible links to new wiki pages from parent topics. However, you can also find wiki pages by clicking WebIndex for an alphabetical list of topics, or you can try WebChanges for topics ordered by most recent change. There is also a limited search facility available.

-- JuliaGaudelli, 02 August 2012

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