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Used to calculate the ang separation of 2 positions using angsep

On mssls7, directory angsep.

Usage: ./angsep ra1 dec1 ra2 dec2 (units are degrees)


./angsep 1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4
Ang sep = 2.82642 degrees = 169.585 minutes
Ang sep (alt) = 2.82627 degrees = 169.576 minutes
Ang sep (f)= 2.82632 degrees = 169.579 minutes


Generates count rate table from PJS's count rate program

On mssls7, directory ~/dcsgen/fm.

CVS checked in after 2005/08/11.

Usage: ./count_rate_gen     count_rate_file > file_for_inclusion_in_count_rate.tab


Compares level 0 memory dump files extracted from VC06 dumps (by extractl0) with reference memory image.

Usage: diffcheck [-v] [-v] ref_image_file [ref_image_file ...] -d dump_image_file [dump image_file ...]

Located on /home/heh/swift/dumpcheck on mssli9 and portable. What to compare against should be found under ftp://mssls7.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/pub/swift/gri/ on mssls7


Extracts level 0 memory dump files from VC06 dumps prior to comparison with reference memory image using diffcheck.

Located on /home/heh/swift/dumpcheck on mssli9 and portable.

Files to be processed less than 2 months old can be found in compressed gz format on the MOC l0 page.

Try a command of this form to fetch them.

wget -r -nd -l 1 -A "*2006006*VC06*0.gz" http://swiftopen.swift.psu.edu/filesvr/quicklook/

For less urgent memory dumps, the data can be found under ~itos/archdir on msslje in bz2 format (decompressed with bunzip2).

Also, on msslje in ~itos/archdir/mal/mem.log and ~itos/archdir/tdrss/mem.log are all the times the commands were sent. The Malindi pass after the telecommand should contain most of the memory dump.

Usage: Go to directory containing the VC06 files and run


Level 0 files will be created ending in ".0" for every VC06 file containing an ICU memory dump.


Used to calculate maximum exposure times at a given position.

On mssls7 in directory /home/heh/max_exp.

Usage: ./max_exp [options] <ra dec>

<ra dec> is one of
 2 arguments supplied - assumes RA and Dec in * degrees *
 4 arguments supplied - assumes RA and Dec in H M[.M]    [+/-]D M[.M] format
 6 arguments supplied - assumes RA and Dec in H M S[.S]  [+/-]D M S[.S] format

Options (which override values from the EEPROM image) are:-
 --fov_radius  <FOV Radius in arc minutes>
 --damage_limit  <Damage Limit in counts>
 --max_count_rate  <Max Count Rate in counts/second>

Other options are:-
 --title  "Name of Source"

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