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Astrogrid Workshop for MSSL and UCL

* Location: Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL)
* Dates: September 27th Hands-On Workshop with a New Science workshop on the 28th.

Signing up

Please contact Kevin Benson via e-mail to attend the workshop kmb@mssl.ucl.ac.uk

Outline for the main Hands-On Workshop

AstroGrid, currently creating the UK's Virtual Observatory (VO), will be holding a 1 day hands-on workshop aimed at introducing the MSSL and UCL solar and astronomy research community to the potential of emerging Virtual Observatory capabilities in supporting scientific research.

The workshop will be led by scientists and developers of the AstroGrid and related projects. They will introduce the participants (a range of astronomers and application and data specialists) to the key capabilities available to them through the AstroGrid v1.1 system.

Participants at the workshop will work together through a series of tutorials in running various science cases during the hands-on workshop.

This workshop will be of interest to those astronomers currently involved in data intensive analysis, it will be more focused on solar and stp science (with a dash of other science cases). Additionally, those astronomers and applications specialists actively developing new algorithms and data services would benefit.

Outline for the New Science Workshop

This workshop is seperate from the Hands-On Workshop meaning there is no requirement to attend this workshop on the basis of going to the Hands-On workshop.

This will be a more focused workshop in developing new science cases. This might involve bringing brand new datasets online, new applications onto the grid. Or using the current system abilities to bring together better workflows of science cases.

This workshop will have attendees break up into smaller teams to work on these new science cases.


  • Laptop (With wireless Much preferred) - Being a Hands-On workshop as in attendees will be expected to follow through the tutorials. This is the best approach to learning a new system. This will not be presentations to watch. So bring a laptop or alternatively pair up with another particpant who has a laptop. Wireless connection is the preferred and required choice, if you feel you will not have wireless then let me know well in advance..
  • Special Event Times - You may wish to note special event times dealing with a science tutorial (listed below). The tutorial will typically use a special event, but you may wish to deviate slightly from the tutorials and try your own event times. ex: start and end time of certain solar flares, storms, etc....

Read About Wireless

  • If you are part of MSSL and have wireless, but never set it up please contact Alan Brown to get it setup. E-mail ajb2@mssl.ucl.ac.uk Thanks.


Name Institute Area of Interest
*Benson, Kevin MSSL, UCL Solar Technical
*Dalla, Silvia Manchester Solar/STP Science
*Auden, Elizabeth MSSL, UCL Solar
*Aylward, Alan UCL STP
Millward, George UCL STP
Smith, Mike MSSL, UCL Solar Technical
Del Zanna, Giulio MSSL, UCL Solar
Matthews, Sarah MSSL, UCL Solar
Attrill, Gemma MSSL, UCL Solar
Green, Lucie MSSL, UCL Solar
Mitra Kraev, Urmila MSSL, UCL Solar
Harra, Louise MSSL, UCL Solar
Williams, David MSSL, UCL Solar
Mcandrews, Hazel MSSL, UCL Planetary Science
Culhane, Len MSSL, UCL Solar

*Giving Tutorial/Presenting

Programme and Supporting Material

The workshop agenda is as follows:

Date/Time What Who Paperwork
Tues 27 September 2005
10:30-10:45 Welcome and Introduction Kevin Benson astrowelcome.ppt
10:45-11:30 Getting to know the Portal and Workbench Kevin Benson see above presentation
11:30-1:00 Querying Datasets and Running Workflows Silvia Dalla queriesworkflows.ppt
13:00-14:00 Lunch All  
14:00-15:15 Generic, Solar and Overlay Movie Makers Elizabeth Auden MSSLagWorkshop.ppt
15:15-15:30 break All  
15:30-16:30 CTIP George Millward will be placed here soon
16:30-16:45 Scripting Kevin Benson  
16:45-17:00 Solar and STP Science with Astrogrid Silvia Dalla SolarSTPscience.ppt
17:00-17:15 Closing Kevin Benson  

Tutorials quick look with agenda above:

  • Querying Datasets MSSL(CDS, EIT, Yohkoh), RAL
  • Solar Movie Maker
  • Generic Movie Maker
  • Solar Overlay
  • CTip Tool and CTip Movie Maker
  • Scripting with Python/Perl with Astrogrid.
  • STP Geoeffective (?)


  • See the home page to know what Astrogrid is about and doing. Click here
  • Workshop Programme contains the most important material with various presentations about all the aspects of Astrogrid and its components. Click here


Getting to MSSL

Workflow and data area

  • The table below are Workflows that can just be saved into myspace and ran, any data references (if any) are referencing the data via an http url.

Name/Link Comments
SolarMovieWorkflow.wf Full parameterized workflow of solar movie.

  • The table below here references data via entries in myspace. Hence data must be saved into myspace before saving and running these workflows. See comments on data needed.

Name/Link Comments
GenericMovieWorkflow.wf requires image_output0.gif, image_output1.gif, and image2.gif in the myspace votable directory
SolarOverlayWorkflow.wf requires overlaytable.vot in the myspace votable directory
CDSQuery.wf requires cdsquery1.xml in the myspace query directory
EitMovie.wf requires eitquery1.xml in the myspace query directory
EitSolarReductor.wf requires eitquery1.xml in the myspace query directory
EitQuery.wf requires eitquery.xml in the myspace query directory
SECQuery.wf requires secquery.xml in the myspace query directory
ctipmovie.wf requires ctipmovie.dat in the myspace votable directory

-- KevinBenson - 04 Aug 2005

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PowerPointppt Dalla-MSSLWorkshop-SolarandSTPscience.ppt r1 manage 5564.0 K 2005-09-29 - 13:47 UnknownUser Presentation on solar and STP science with AstroGrid
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Unknown file formatwf EitQuery_http.wf r1 manage 1.4 K 2005-09-25 - 12:38 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf EitSolarReductor.wf r1 manage 3.6 K 2005-09-29 - 21:16 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf EitSolarReductor_http.wf r1 manage 3.7 K 2005-09-29 - 21:17 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf GenericMovieWorkflow.wf r1 manage 2.1 K 2005-09-24 - 05:45 KevinBenson Generic Movie workflow
Unknown file formatwf GenericMovieWorkflow_http_MDI.wf r2 r1 manage 2.2 K 2005-09-26 - 20:30 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf GenericMovieWorkflow_http_Shapes.wf r1 manage 2.1 K 2005-09-25 - 12:38 KevinBenson  
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.11_0000.gif r2 r1 manage 568.0 K 2005-09-23 - 18:51 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 11/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.12_0000.gif r1 manage 567.1 K 2005-09-23 - 18:49 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 12/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.13_0000.gif r1 manage 566.8 K 2005-09-23 - 18:51 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 13/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.14_0000.gif r1 manage 566.8 K 2005-09-23 - 18:53 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 14/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.15_0000.gif r1 manage 565.6 K 2005-09-23 - 18:53 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 15/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.16_0000.gif r1 manage 565.1 K 2005-09-23 - 18:54 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 16/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.17_0000.gif r1 manage 565.1 K 2005-09-23 - 18:54 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 17/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.18_0000.gif r1 manage 564.8 K 2005-09-23 - 18:55 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 18/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.19_0000.gif r1 manage 565.3 K 2005-09-23 - 18:56 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 19/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.20_0000.gif r1 manage 565.9 K 2005-09-23 - 18:56 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 20/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.21_0000.gif r1 manage 565.5 K 2005-09-23 - 18:57 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 21/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.22_0000.gif r1 manage 566.0 K 2005-09-23 - 18:57 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 22/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.23_0000.gif r1 manage 565.4 K 2005-09-23 - 18:58 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 23/03/98
GIFgif MDI_mag_1998.03.24_0000.gif r1 manage 564.5 K 2005-09-23 - 18:58 ElizabethAuden MDI magnetogram - 24/03/98
PowerPointppt MSSLagWorkshop.ppt r1 manage 58.5 K 2005-09-27 - 16:05 ElizabethAuden Elizabeth's ppt on IDL CEA applications
Unknown file formatwf SECQuery.wf r1 manage 1.4 K 2005-09-25 - 12:39 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf SECQuery_http.wf r1 manage 1.4 K 2005-09-25 - 12:39 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf SolarMovieWorkflow.wf r1 manage 6.4 K 2005-09-24 - 05:46 KevinBenson Solar Movie Workflow
Unknown file formatwf SolarOverlayWorkflow.wf r1 manage 2.0 K 2005-09-24 - 05:48 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf SolarOverlayWorkflow_http.wf r1 manage 2.0 K 2005-09-25 - 12:39 KevinBenson  
PowerPointppt astrowelcome.ppt r1 manage 1302.0 K 2005-09-26 - 20:32 KevinBenson  
XMLxml cdsquery.xml r1 manage 1.7 K 2005-09-25 - 12:15 KevinBenson  
XMLxml cdsquery1.xml r1 manage 1.7 K 2005-09-28 - 10:47 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatwf ctip_workflow.wf r2 r1 manage 3.2 K 2005-09-27 - 14:19 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatdat ctipmovie.dat r1 manage 3871.4 K 2005-09-27 - 14:41 KevinBenson data file for ctip movie
Unknown file formatwf ctipmovie.wf r1 manage 1.3 K 2005-09-27 - 14:40 KevinBenson no http reference, ctipmovie.dat must be in votable myspace directory
Unknown file formatwf ctipmovie_http.wf r1 manage 1.3 K 2005-09-27 - 14:39 KevinBenson  
XMLxml eitquery.xml r1 manage 2.1 K 2005-09-25 - 12:15 KevinBenson  
XMLxml eitquery1.xml r1 manage 2.1 K 2005-09-28 - 10:48 KevinBenson  
XMLxml eitquerymovie.xml r1 manage 2.1 K 2005-09-25 - 12:16 KevinBenson  
GIFgif img_output0.gif r1 manage 0.5 K 2005-09-24 - 05:50 KevinBenson  
GIFgif img_output1.gif r1 manage 0.5 K 2005-09-24 - 05:50 KevinBenson  
GIFgif img_output2.gif r1 manage 0.5 K 2005-09-24 - 05:49 KevinBenson  
Unknown file formatvot overlaytable.vot r2 r1 manage 1.7 K 2005-09-27 - 10:36 ElizabethAuden Updated overlaytable.vot with corrected CDS filenames
Compressed Zip archivezip screenshots.zip r2 r1 manage 9494.5 K 2005-09-20 - 14:55 KevinBenson Example Screenshots
XMLxml secquery.xml r1 manage 2.0 K 2005-09-25 - 12:16 KevinBenson  
XMLxml secquery2.xml r1 manage 1.0 K 2005-09-25 - 12:16 KevinBenson  
XMLxml secqueryyohkoh.xml r1 manage 1.6 K 2005-09-25 - 12:16 KevinBenson  
Compressed Zip archivezip templates.zip r1 manage 812.8 K 2005-09-20 - 14:54 KevinBenson Rough Templates
XMLxml tracequery.xml r1 manage 1.6 K 2005-09-25 - 12:17 KevinBenson  
XMLxml tracequerymovie.xml r1 manage 1.6 K 2005-09-25 - 12:17 KevinBenson  
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