Difference: ReaperImprovements (r2 vs. r1)

Reaper Improvements

These are things that have not been designed into the system originally (were not in the DPM at CDR) but which have been noted during development as ways to improve REAPER.

General Doppler Calculation

This algorithm currently uses 2 consecutive records to estimate the velocity vector. This is imprecise compared to getting the information direct from the orbit. We could either use the orbit file at L2 and extract position and velocity (and this would also mean we could extract the 1Hz values directly rather than interpolating the 20Hz), or these fields could be put into the L1 product after the existing call.

Slope correction and elevation

We currently slope-correct the OCOG result. Would it be better to also slope-correct the ICE2 result?

-- DavidBrockley - 12 Aug 2011

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