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Consortium Meeting Minutes: 24 October 2006


  • Date and time: Tuesday, 24 October 12:00 - 17:00
  • Location: RAL, Building R68, Conference room 13
  • Parking: tbd
  • Map: directions, transport, maps. Please see map_RAL.pdf attached below.


<12:00 Room booked all day all
12:00 Welcome and review of recent meetings EA, LC
12:30 Review of interactions with JSOC and AstroGrid EA
13:00 Progress report: data centre / visualization tools EA
13:30 Lunch all
14:00 Progress reports / demos: algorithms DB, TT, MS, SZ, VG
15:30 Progress report / demos: Visualization Technical update: unit tests, science tests, documentation EA
16:00 Technical update: unit tests, Discussion: increasing community awareness science tests, documentation EA all
16:30 16:15 Discussion: AOB increasing community awareness all
16:45 16:30 AOB finish all  
17:00 finish  

Recent Attendees meetings

  • HELAS workshop
  • UK e-Science All Hands
  • SOHO-19 / helioseismology workshop (informal interaction only)
  • Solar Community Meeting
  • MIST / UKSP 2006
  • AIA / HMI workshop
MikeSmith Danielle Bewsher SergeiZharkovYvonneElsworth

Recent and Upcoming Meetings

  • HELAS workshop
  • Dublin SIP workshop
  • UK e-Science All Hands
  • Coronal Wave meeting
  • SOHO-18 / helioseismology workshop (informal interaction only)
  • Solar Community Meeting
  • MIST / UKSP 2006
  • AIA / HMI workshop


  • SOHO 19 in Melbourne
  • Next SIP workshop - Hawaii or Rio
  • USSPD - Hawaii
  • LOCA?

Deliverables for Next Quarter

  • Completed unit tests
  • Identify 3 - 5 science tests for each algorithm, document on AlgorithmDeployment pages, and upload test input files
  • Add moviemaker functionality to StreamingTool
  • Deploy DRMS / DSA data centre prototype


  • Solar Algorithms - Algorithm deployment pages finished, working on unit / science testing, first code (CoronalLoopRecognition) sent to Stanford and LMSAL, initial deployment as CEA algorithms
  • Data Centres - network latency tests complete, DRMS in testing with AstroGrid DSA
  • Visualization tools - prototypes of streaming tool, image gallery and movie maker available

Team Technical Issues

  • Algorithm unit testing
  • Algorithm science testing
  • Algorithm documentation

Algorithm unit testing


  • Due 22 December 2006 - thorough CuTest unit tests for each function in all algorithms. Upload code with tests to CVS and specify which files have completed unit tests on AlgorithmDeployment pages.

-- ElizabethAuden - 05 Sep 2006

Algorithm science testing

-- ElizabethAuden - 24 Oct 2006

  • Due 22 December 2006 - identify and document 3 to 5 total science tests for each algorithm. Add test input files and short description of science test with expected output to AlgorithmDeployment pages.

Algorithm documentation

  • Ongoing - ensure that documentation in all code follows the eSDO CCodingStandard. Upload a README file to CVS for each algorithm that includes
    • Short description of algorithm
    • List of inputs / outputs
    • Notice of any external libraries required, plus weblinks where possible
    • Notes for building / compiling with a make file

Community Awareness

  • TrySoftwareDetail page will contain short list of algorithms, visualization tools and data centre prototypes that can be tried now. TrySoftwareDetail will contain instructions and examples.
  • Request links to TrySoftwareDetail pages at Lindau, JSOC, VSO, etc.
  • It should be publicized which algorithms / visualization tools will work with existing datasets from TRACE, SOHO, Solar-B, etc.
  • Continue awareness raising with wiki page, conference presentations, conference "taster sessions", Solar News articles, and highlighting the need for eSDO tools.

-- ElizabethAuden - 26 Oct 2006

PowerPointpptcurrentstatus.ppt r1 manage 802.5 K 2006-10-26 - 17:02ElizabethAuden Thierry's mode parameters presentation
PowerPointpptdimming.ppt r1 manage 1160.5 K 2006-10-26 - 17:01ElizabethAuden Danielle's coronal dimming presentation
PowerPointppteSDO_OctoberConsortium.ppt r1 manage 470.0 K 2006-10-26 - 17:00ElizabethAuden Elizabeth's overview presentation
PowerPointpptsheffield_algorithms_eSDO_RAL.ppt r1 manage 2231.0 K 2006-10-26 - 17:01ElizabethAuden Sergei's algorithm presentation

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