Difference: FinalDeliverables (r11 vs. r10)

eSDO Project: Final Deliverables

Project Report

The final project report will be available after 20 December 2007. The first draft is attached available below.

Software and Source Code


The following tarballs contain source code, make files, IDL wrappers, and test data for the eSDO solar analysis algorithms.

Source code

Test Data

Note: After 31 October 2008, please contact MSSL for further details on retrieving test data offline.

Visualization Tools

The eSDO "streaming tool" allows users to submit time-based queries to several solar instrument image archives. Images matching queries can be viewed as movies or image galleries before users download FITS files, JPEG images, or QuickTime movies. The code is available as a .war file that can be deployed into an application server like Tomcat or as a tarball of java source code.

Data Centre Prototype

  • Design document: coming soon see final report

-- MikeSmith ElizabethAuden - 19 Mar 2 Oct 2008

Microsoft Word file Compressed Zip archive doc tar eSDOFinalReport_v0.1.doc CoronalLoops_1.0_src.tar r1 manage357.0 K 370.0 K 2007-11-23 2008-10-02 - 14:36 18:09 ElizabethAuden v 0.1 of final report Coronal loop recognition source code for editing
Compressed Zip archivetarHelicity_1.0_src.tar r1 manage 310.0 K 2008-10-02 - 18:10ElizabethAuden Helicity source code
Compressed Zip archivetarMagneticExtrapolation_1.0_src.tar r1 manage 240.0 K 2008-10-02 - 18:13ElizabethAuden NLFFF magnetic extrapolation source code
Compressed Zip archivetarModeParameters_1.0_src.tar r1 manage 16840.0 K 2008-10-02 - 18:12ElizabethAuden Global mode parameters source code
Microsoft Word filedoceSDOFinalReport_v0.1.doc r1 manage 357.0 K 2007-11-23 - 14:36ElizabethAuden v 0.1 of final report for editing
Microsoft Word filedoceSDOFinalReport_v1.0.doc r1 manage 496.5 K 2008-10-02 - 18:09ElizabethAuden eSDO Final Report
Unknown file formatwarstaptv-1.0.war r1 manage 3644.6 K 2008-10-02 - 18:21ElizabethAuden Solar visualization tool .war file
Compressed Zip archivezipstreamingtool_1.0_src.zip r1 manage 7815.8 K 2008-10-02 - 18:22ElizabethAuden Solar visualization tool ("streaming tool") source code

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